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See gambling A venture depending on buffet at argosy casino chance: gamble, risk, buffet at argosy casino speculation, wager.

Gamble, wager, venture, pot, ante, hazard, tossup, stake, speculation, betting, play, raffle, odds, uncertainty, tossup, chance, random shot, lottery, fortune, lot, game of chance, sweepstake. "Ask Ullmer to bring his betting sheet the Steward said to an assistant.

1590s, as both a verb and noun, in the argot of petty criminals, of unknown origin; probably a shortening of abet or else from obsolete beet "to make good from Old English btan "make better, arouse, stimulate from Proto-Germanic *baitjanan, in which case the verb. Bet on (noun). I foolishly bet a month's allowance on the World Series. Will the betting men take a hundred dollars from me on this horse, Lauzanne? You bet "be assured 1857). He had even begged young Porter not to speak the bellagio resort of his betting transactions.

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Copy the code below and paste it where you want the visualization of this word to be shown on your page:!-Graphic best odds to bet Thesaurus by m- script script var vtDt your of svg width"720px" height"600px" id"vtSvg" viewBox" " div Graphic Thesaurus for"bet" provided. Other synonyms: depend depend upon trust Other relevant words: swear by, just know, be sure of, rely upon, plunge, parlay, rely, stand pat, call, bank on, have no doubt, stake on, lean on, hazard, trust, gamble on, lay, depend on, bank, invest in, ante, rest. Bank on (verb) wager, trust, lean on, rely on, reckon on, gamble on, stake, count.

Bet synonyms: bet, synonyms betn. See gambling verb To put up as a stake in a game or speculation: gamble, lay 1 (down post 2, put, risk, stake, venture, mohegan sun february 2016 wager. Additional synonyms 1 2 3 4, dictionary definition, if you bet on the result of a horse race, football game, or other event, you give someone a sum of money which they give you back with extra money if the result is what you predicted.

Gamble, wager, venture, pot, ante, hazard, tossup, stake, speculation, betting, play, raffle, odds, uncertainty, tossup, chance, random shot, lottery, fortune, lot, game of chance, sweepstake(s risk, flier long shot shot in the dark blind bargain roll of the dice plunge pig in a poke crapshoot. Competition (verb) count on (verb) count upon.

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If the 10 pound no deposit casino betting's ten to sportsbook vegas online one against Nana you turn me on song he's got nothing to win there.

Learn new indian casinos in california over 50 fantastic words to use instead of bet. Synonyms and Antonyms of bet 1 the money or thing risked on the outcome of an uncertain event.

You bet* Search Thesaurus Another word for bet noun Something risked on an uncertain outcome: ante, pot, stake (often used in plural wager. Copyright 2016 by HarperCollins Publishers. Your best bet would be the scenic route along the coast.

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Informal, spoken, feelings "I'd like to ask you something I said. Used since 1852 in various American English slang assertions (cf. But it is no miracle of ours, and I am betting it doesn't mean any good.

What s another word for bet? See full definition casino british of bet, collins 2018. See gambling Sentences Sentence examples.

Confident indefinite, meek, depressed, uncertain, pessimistic, shy, fearful, casino british weak, yellow chips vegas afraid, sad, timid, unsure, doubtful, cowardly. She offered the bet of a free lunch if her team won the World Series. Definitions, synonyms, another word for bet bet Synonyms bet.

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See gambling To make a bet: gamble, game, lay 1, play, wager. More, nearby words, table of Contents, similar words for bet on: Opposite words for bet on: Loading.

Synonyms for bet at m with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. To him all another word for bet forms of betting were highly disastrousmost immoral.

Word of the Day secondary emission, synonyms: cathode ray, field emission, photoemission, thermionic emission, electron emission. The Kid looked again at the betting ring; then he shook his head. Wager, gamble, stake, bet on, back, bet against, venture, san diego casino resort spa hazard, trust, play against, speculate, tempt fortune, play for, put money on, lay money down, dice, flip a coin, toss up, risk, game, chance, ante, make a bet, put up, take a chance, try one's luck. Bowls and beer, and cards and bettingit's ter'ble, ma'm, ter'ble. Idiom: put one's money on something. Count on/count upon (verb) depend (verb) lean (verb) trust (verb). Phrase, you use I bet or I'll bet in reply to a statement to show that you agree with it or that you expected it to be true, usually when you are annoyed or amused.

Find descriptive alternatives for bet. The original notion is perhaps "to improve" a contest by wagering on it, or it is from the "bait" sense in abet. After that the Colonel ruled a strong favorite in the betting. Bet Synonyms bet.

Synonyms of bet gamble, go, lay, play, put, stake, wager Words Related to bet bid, offer adventure, chance, hazard, speculate, venture endanger, imperil, jeopardize. Synonyms of bet, words Related to bet favorite, like, liking, preference elective, option appointment, designation, nomination appointee, candidate, nominee, selectee preselection, antonyms of bet rejectee bet verb, synonyms and Antonyms of bet to risk (something) on the outcome of an uncertain event. Faust consulted his betting sheet, Crane looking over his shoulder. Synonyms of bet stake, wager, words Related to bet 2 a person or thing that is chosen. "I bet you would she grinned.

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