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By /u/mlgnoscopper You have to run all way to the opposite spawn without shooting (nades and knifes allowed). All Maps you turn me on song T CT Paradigm84 how much to enter world series of poker Shift by /u/Paradigm84 Plant at one site, only after passing through the other. All Maps T CT Am I Being Detained?

With more daily promotions than any other online casino in New Jersey, you can take advantage isle of capri casino westlake la of our sign-up and first deposit bonuses. Everybody buys two flash grenades.

The last guy alive has to go get the care package in spawn and try to clutch the round. All Maps T CT Chaos by /u/HydrA- Everyone must hold their push-to-talk for the entire duration of the round (even if dead).

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(Tip: throw it all in a pile) All you turn me on song Maps T CT Nose Goes by /u/Some_Asian_Kid99 Gather in front of csgo strat roullette a site, everyone types 'Nose Goes' and everyone charges in reverse order. Cobblestone T The Dark Knight by /u/McLovin_EmDawg Have your team hide in the dark corners of the map with only their knives, patiently and silently waiting for enemy players to pass through.

Appalachian State (APP) Mountaineers. All Maps T CT Praise the Knife by /u/desertions Upon coming across an intersection, pull out your knife and left click.

When that person dies, the next person leaves. A king can buy anything. All Maps T CT One Man's Trash by /u/jo_gri Every player buys his most hated gun and gives it to a teammate. All Maps T CT The Rattlesnake by /u/pigtobacon Travel around in a group around the map. All Maps T CT Kobe by DarkLordSteve You may only get kills with grenades. All Maps T CT Not One Step Back!

English (US) Espaol Portugus (Brasil) Franais (France) Deutsch. If your drill sergeant is alive at the end of the round, another teammate (preferably the one with the lowest amount of kills, Pvt Pyle) has to kill him.

All Maps T CT Day at the Range by TannerThePolak Everyone buy a shotgun and yell "pull!" in the chat whenever you fire at an enemy. By /u/BasedStrelok For one round, bind your screenshot key to your LMB button and fire whenever you normally would. All Maps T Drop Your Gun by /u/mueller723 After getting a kill with a weapon, you must drop your weapon and you can't pick it back up or use it again until that round is over.

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Mirage T CT jim and pam casino night Tour de_nuke by bbq T spawn jim and pam casino night - outside - hell - ramp - lobby - squeaky- outside - secret - B site - vents - A site.

Pick any strat and perform it twice in the same round. All Maps T He's Lit!

Always walk or crouch-walk. After they pick their spot they cant move from there. If you die before using them both, in the next round you can only use shotguns and starting pistol.

You channel the luck of all, cS:GO knife opening videos to equip your team for victory. Once there, everybody must shout leeroy jenkins as loud as possible as they storm the bombsite. Once bomb is planted you can leave Garage. Player on top only uses Dual Barettas, while player on the bottom moves around.

Dust 2 T Get_rused by /u/StroodleN00dle All run to B so the AWPer sees you. Green move to long doors, purple move to catwalk). Booster hides under the bridge no one shoots unless shot at or bomb starts going down.

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If you kill someone, you have to quickly jerk your aim in random directions as if you are ecstatic and/or a scrub. All Maps T CT The Bee Hive by /u/bdoid 1) Everyone buys a gun with a high rate of fire (P90, mac10, mp9) and hides in a portion of the map the enemy team is unlikely to go to, but close to the sites/hostages. All Maps T CT (Never) Go Full Rambo by /u/Kendoyanar Buy as many negevs/M249's and HE grenades and rush site.

A purely random, for-fun strat caller! All Maps T CT Pursue The Target by /u/DuongC Once you see an enemy you must chase down the enemy and kill the enemy even if they run away.

1 plays by vents, 1 in Z, 1 underneath boost, 1 headshot box, and 1 sandbags. Once he number six dies, he must blame it on kryptonite in 'all chat' and whoever the gun lands on becomes the next Superman. All Maps T CT Crickets by /u/Lulle, /u/Zvede Use Glock/Famas and stack in spawn. By Rambolo Turn your game sensitivity all the way up and only use a scout, AWP or deagle. All Maps T CT Deagle Distraction by /u/x365 5 x deagle 5 x decoy. All Maps T CT Angry Mother by /u/Kimeiga86 Pick the top fragger on the enemy team and pretend to be their mother. Spotters can not kill, and can only call out enemies.

Maps, strat, list FAQ Updates Languages Contact. Only Novas and Deagles for number six you. Inferno T CT Fish Out of Water by ZanyTurtle Rush and plant at B and get in the water of the fountain asap. Inferno T CT Collin Eco Plant by Collin 4 rush B apts, make noise, bomb lurks in Palace, sneak plant.

All Maps T CT The Topsy Turvy by Jacob All players must turn their keyboards to face away from them. All Maps T CT Compulsive Hoarders by /u/SpoonGhost Whenever you kill an enemy, stop what you are doing, pick up their dropped weapon and create a pile in your own spawn. Dust 2 T Hold the door(s)! Elimination is the only way out!

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Everyone casino winning tips buys Duel Berettas and crouch rushes any site. Clan Every terrorist must buy a decoy and throw it to A site, then go back to spawn and buy another decoy. You can not move right or turn right.

CS:GO Strategy and Tactic Generator. Ultimate confusion with security services in cryptography 10 deagles shooting at the same time. The top fragger must change their name to Chairman Kaga and challenge the other team to a knife fight in casino winning tips kitchen. The last on security services in cryptography the board swaps with the first one.

(No Voice Chat, Text Chat, or Predetermined In-Game Radio.) All Maps T CT Operation Widow Fire! All Maps T CT Leap Frog by /u/FredKillJoy Players can only move by hopping over their teammates and must remain together as 5 in a line. By /u/KeNx_017 Everyone in the team must line up and move behind each other but the line has to be in alphabetical order, you are allowed to use any gun. All Maps T CT Brasil, Decime Que Se Siente (AKA 7-1) by /u/BasedStrelok If your team wins the first pistol round of the game, you must intentionally allow the enemy (German) team to win the next 7 rounds.

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