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All Maps las vegas outlet mall premium T CT Twin Towers by /u/NeonPuzzler_ 2 x two-man 'towers' anywhere, last man has to rush or ninja defuse. Inferno T CT Collin Eco Plant by Collin 4 rush B apts, make noise, bomb lurks in Palace, sneak plant. The Ruse - Fortify the wrong room.

Just click and go! T's have to rush the smoked site and run into CT Spawn, and plant in the opposite site. All Maps T CT The Hulk Hogan by /u/orbistruct For the entirety of the round, talk like Hulk Hogan.

All Maps CT Veritas Aequitas by /u/BasedStrelok new york new york casino las vegas 4 members split into 2 pairs, buys Duelies and Kevlar, and takes a different site. Barebones - No gadgets allowed strat roulette r6s whatsoever - NO barbed wire / C4 or anything. Especially when going around corners. All Maps T Firing Squad by /u/snakehunter23 Everyone buys Scouts/AWPs and shoots only when the team captain says 'Fire!' All Maps T Overkill by /u/snakehunter23 Everyone must bring a secondary primary new york new york casino las vegas weapon with them by shooting it around the map, every time they get.

R6, s

If the AWPer is killed, a spotter can take his casino near binghamton ny place.

The simplest strat roulette generator for Rainbow Six Seige. Every time someone gets a kill, that person must shoot the Punching Bag once in the foot. All Maps T CT Surprise Mother Fucker by /u/itapandagamer You can only get a kill from behind. All four members must protect Jihadi John in his mission, and he must survive the round with at least.

By IsraeliChicken Your team takes turns telling yo mama insults every how much is the tulalip casino buffet 10 seconds in order to do anything. All Maps T CT The Snitch by /u/mourato The poorest teammate has to stay back and report in all chat where his teammates are throughout the round. At any point during the round he can say over his mic, "Avengers assemble!" No matter where the other teammates are on the map they have to stop and they are doing, run straight to him, and remain by his side for at least. Each callout must end with "Over." Take this round as seriously as you can and become real Ts/CTs!

Squad Strats, r6 Strat Roulette

All Maps pennsylvania casino age T CT Shotguns Only by /u/chrisgid Shotguns only.

Join us on discord! Nuke CT Something Hidden In The Dark by /u/loves_being_that_guy Everyone hides in dark spot B site while throwing down a smoke one at a time.

All Maps T CT The Shia Labeouf by /u/ravidleo 4 players rush into one bombsite while the 5th is behind giving inspirational speech. All Maps, t CT,. If you are killed after flopping, promptly plead your case to the nearby referee to card the offender pennsylvania casino age by accusing the enemy player of being a hacker in chat. All Maps CT The Nova Strat by /u/Tofushy One player buys an X-M, while the rest novas.

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All Maps T CT Day at the Range by TannerThePolak Everyone buy a shotgun and yell "pull!" in the chat whenever you fire at an enemy.

StratRoulette is made for those fun game days with your friends. All Maps T CT The James Bond by /u/orbistruct Talk like James Bond for the entirety of the round, using only the pistol hollywood hotel and casino of your choice. By /u/juone Hold W, no stopping.

Cache CT Mad Men by /u/in_da_heat Everyone counter boosts and runs around T spawn. All Maps T Emphascema by /u 7355608_ 5 smokes. All Maps T CT Rich Boy Shouts by /u/Lazordog The richest person on your team buys all the guns for your team. Nuke T The Batman by /u/jarim92 hollywood hotel and casino Everyone holds inner A from the rails. The Flash must be running the entire round (with the exception of planting/defusing).

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All Maps T CT Homerun!

The number one fun strategy generator for Rainbow Six Siege! You are there any casinos in miami florida can go anywhere, but you can't break formation. By /u/in_da_heat Run connector from bathrooms to T spawn and camp there while trying to buy a Tec-9.

All Maps T CT Hacker by TheMoutainD Everytime you kill enemy type on chat "m" or something like that. All Maps T CT Googly Eyes by Spadekingdom The four non-bomb carriers must pair up and go to different sites while always facing their partners. 1 plays by vents, 1 in Z, 1 underneath boost, 1 headshot box, and 1 sandbags. You are not allowed to leave toxic. If you die before using them both, in the next round you can only use shotguns and starting pistol. Nuke T Target Practice by /u/pzxl All players must buy AWP or Scout and line up in Garage are there any casinos in miami florida and try to get kills without exiting garage. Repeat until you have a tunnel to the bombsite.

Strategy roulette app for playing Rainbow Six Siege with fun tactics. All Maps T CT The Blind Man by /u/salaci0us When all teammates have died, the last player alive has to turn off his computer monitor.

By Z3niT3 After every kill you have to run back to your spawn and then you can kill again. All Maps T CT Reversed Spelling Bee by /u/Max99787 Every time a team member kills someone, the killer must spell the gun back words while it is out of their hands. Tr8tor - Lowest scoring teammate must report teammate locations / strategies in all chat. A player with a kill cannot attack or kill another enemy before everybody else has a kill too. Nuke T Silver Strats by /u/randomaatti Rush ramp, rush yard, rush.

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