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Home » Alot or A lot: Whats the desert diamond arizona Difference? To appropriate for a special purpose: to allot money for a park. The most common mistake however (very common unfortunetly) is "alot".

Alot or a lot. If you go to any dictionary, you will not find the word alot as an entry, which makes it all the more interesting why the confusion between the two exists. Another great trick I learned from a reader of mine is similar to the analogy I gave above about combining words like a dog into adog. A lot hd tv video games is the correct choice.

You cannot say alittle, so you cannot say alot. Makes sense doesnt it? Remember the Difference Now that we know a lot is the correct choice for our sentences, here are a few tricks to remember this fact. "I love the UD site alot." After spell checking in, outlook, you end up with "I love the UD site allot." by, leon. You read a lot of books. Correct example: Given as a task; "her allotted chores incorrect example: "I liek that allot " #a lot #alot #illiteracy #bad spelling #tag by, dope Slanger. And no one knows exactly why. September 01, 2005 allot unknown, a word improperly used by many. Even this, however, isnt a totally convincing reason because the plural use of lot ( lots) is used correctly with great frequency.

October 6, 2016. For example, A lot of people think the economy is declining, or Sad movies casino connect spin palace always made her cry a lot. To allot something is to give or apportion something to someone as a share.

August 21, 2006 allot unknown, a word improperly used by many. Back to Misspelled words index, other users have misspelled allot as: allait -.88, other -.12. Another possible explanation is the similar features the phrase a lot has with the unrelated word allot.

Alot or allot?, spelling, which Is Correct How

Alot is not a word. I'm no snooty, english teacher or anything, but these particular mistakes drive me crazy!

top online sports betting It was spelled alot in Canada till 1991 that I know of when I was. It is sometimes put as a whole lot for greater emphasis, as in I learned a whole lot in his class.

As no one wants to recognize that "alot" is a valid word (see David Horvitz definition in Urban Dictionary most spell-checkers propose to change "alot" to "allot". Top definition, allot unknown, best things to see in michigan correct definition distribute: administer or bestow, as in small portions. When to Use Allot Despite sounding similar toand being spelled similar as a lot, the 3900 las vegas boulevard south las vegas nv 89119 single word allot is an unrelated verb.

Id like to reference your June 7, 2006. It could be that since the word lot isnt used in many other instances besides the phrase a lot that writers began to think of alot as the actual word being used and not lot. Other uses of lot, such as a beautiful lot of land or a parking lot, often pale in comparison to the frequency of the phrase a lot, so its easy to see how people top online sports betting could get mixed.

What is going on with education these days? To assign as a portion; set apart; dedicate. Spelling Book, spelling Book Misspelled words index allot-allait, the correct spelling: Definition: give out, examples: We were allotted new notebooks. There is a surprising amount of confusion between these two words (one of which isnt actually a word) and which is the correct form to appear in your sentences. Something my grade school English teacher would say to help us remember is, A lot is a lot of words. Al-lot; verb (used with object -l-t-ted, -l-t-ting.

Learn the definition of a lot and alot with example sentences and quizzes

Definitions: a lot; Very many, a large number; also, very much. Incorrect version: An illiterate way of casino at monte carlo monaco spelling "a lot". The word lot is defined as, a large number or amount, a great deal.

Despite sounding similar toand being spelled similar asa lot, the casino at monte carlo monaco single word. What Is a Lot? During the debate, equal time will be allotted to each party.

Okay, I've seen ot is not a word in the English erican English e proper way to write it is; a lot (notice it's two words) or allot (when talking about distribution). Theres no rhyme or reason to why people combine the words, but plenty of people make the mistake. For example, Will you please allot me my share casino at monte carlo monaco of the inheritance? For example, You just casino at monte carlo monaco drank a lot of milk with dinner.

As no one wants to recognize that " alot " is a valid word (see David Horvitz. Anonymous 1 decade ago 2, thumbs up 2, thumbs down, comment).

So many experts out there and yet no one (a few excluded) has any idea what they're talking about! Today, I want to go over the difference between a lot. The two-word construction a lot is just that: two separate words.

Why do you spell " alot " instead of "a lot"?

As I said above, the fact that this word sounds alike and looks similar to a lot may cause some people to confuse the two. Let's get a grip out there, if you don't en just keep your fingers away from the keyboard. Just as you wouldnt combine other instances mohegan sun arena ct of article noun constructions in your sentences, adog, acat, ahorse, etc., you dont combine the two words a lot.

In any type of serious writing, the two word spelling, alot,. Unknowingly mohegan sun arena ct users just accept the choice.

You have the article a and the noun lot. Next time your spell checker tells you "alot" is not correct, please "add" carbon poker tournament schedule it to your dictionary. After reading this post, you wont ever confuse them again.

A Lot, spelling - Dogberry

While it may be common to see the hard rock cafe hotel hollywood fl word alot throughout Internet commenting or text messaging, the word is never seen in print, and hard rock cafe hotel hollywood fl the reason is simple: it isnt an actual word. To divide or distribute by share or portion; distribute or parcel out; apportion: to allot the available farmland among the settlers.

All Which is Correct spellings and definitions, including alot. The lawyer allotted the remained assets from the will.

"I love the UD site alot." After spell checking in Outlook, you end up with "I love the UD site allot." chances of winning in las vegas by Leon. Your fort myers casino car uses a lot of gas. Summary Its important to keep track of these two words in your writing because alot. It may also emphasize a comparative indication of amount, as in We need a whole lot more pizza to feed everyone, or Mary had a lot less nerve than I expected. A lot are very different.

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