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He's a man I have a lot of time for and could gladly listen to for a lot longer than a day. Scientists are all over the lot on the question, and the issue is so hot politically that it's difficult to trust the science.

Very many, a large number; also, very much. Sotheby's has offered renderings through its online auctions and occasionally includes lots in live sales. He was a sensational player who could pass over any distance, could score goals, create goals, the lot.

Throw in one's lot with Decide to ally oneself closely with and share the fate of (a person or group) the bourgeoisie had thrown in its lot with the monarchy In 1921, she finally threw in her lot with the Liberals, running as a candidate. Education chiefs are making a new bid to help improve the lot of the borough's most vulnerable children. Schemes to improve the lot of the disadvantaged The challenge is nothing less than how to save the planet while improving the lot of the six billion plus video poker tips people who live. The massive hoard, more than 5,000 items, has been broken up into a few hundred lots for auction on Tuesday. At the first land sales he was able to buy four hotel and casino town lots including the site of his hotel for 125.00.

For example, A lot of people think the economy is declining, or Sad movies always made her cry a lot. They accepted the burden of domestic responsibilities that fell to their lot It fell to my lot, much to my gratification, to be assigned to the Plumas Forest in California. Synonyms and related words, see also main entry: thanks. View synonyms.1 the lot" or "the whole lot.

What all Zambians should realise is that only they can improve the lot of their country. There are a lot of people out there who do blogging a lot better than. There is lots I have that I want to get off my chest in an effort to move. At the moment you have one lot of people handling income tax and another set, in fact one set per council, handling council tax.

A Lot Of Definition of A Lot Of by Merriam-Webster

People like you with tiny pension funds were allowed to take the how to win on a slot machine at a casino whole lot in cash at any time after. The five dairy co-op shareholders decided to throw in their lot with Philip at the you turn me on song end of the day.

Plenty means enough or more than enough. If the next election really were conducted on the lines of Pop Idol, the people would vote to dump the lot of them.

We see them growing voluntarily in sand dunes and vacant lots, anywhere from two buffet at argosy casino feet to five. The country's tragedy is that most of its modern leaders are a corrupt, feudal lot. Lots and a lot are similar in meaning to much and many. 3.1in singular The choice resulting from deciding something by lot. He played tennis a lot last year thanks a lot If I had grown up in the city my aesthetic vision would be a lot different.

Lots is even more informal than a lot. Similar items should be lotted together when the return for individual items is too low to warrant an individual offering or when it is determined that lotting together will enhance the property. Nineteen lots failed to sell It was one of 391 lots at the auction, of which 199 were items of furniture. Decide randomly, spin a coin, toss a coin, throw dice, draw straws, cut straws, decide you turn me on song on the toss of a coin, decide on the throw of a die, dice, decide on the drawing of straws View synonyms fall to someone's lot Become someone's task.

We'll have the minimum of clothes, two cans of fuel and one of water and that's the lot. Children and teens who sometimes eat a lot don't necessarily have binge eating disorder. More phrase informal, contribute to our Open Dictionary 1 used for telling someone that you are very grateful to them, synonyms and related words 2 used for telling someone that something that they did was not helpful or kind. Show More, the American Heritage Idioms Dictionary Copyright 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. As these two young men had been in my platoon it was decided that we would draw lots.

Lot Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

We had mohegan sun pocono reviews a lot of mail from you lot about the wheel of fortune wheel around the world wisdom of mixing phones and petrol stations. Her single-minded approach to the tasks which fell to her lot, did not impinge in any way on the warmth of her personality. Even if your candidate's a bad lot, you can't hope to make a consistent choice between parties on the basis of avoiding people like that.

Lots, a lot, plentyWe use lots, a lot and plenty in informal styles to talk about quantities, amounts and degree. Do you think he's happy with his lot? When things didn't happen for me, I took the advice of my family and decided to throw in my lot with Ireland.

But triumph turned to dismay when he learned that the archive was to be split up into 137 separate lots for auction at Christie's. It is notable, for instance, that the recent silver sale at Bonhams had just half the number of lots of the 2003 sale. It's a bit like riding a camel, though the motion is a lot less regular. There is a lot he can do to make life difficult for a candidate he has deliberately chosen to lobby against. There are a lot of actors in the cast they took a lot of abuse a lot can happen in eight months we had lots of fun, this proves to be a busy and happy day with lots of fun and plenty of work too. Pronunciation Lot /lt/ /l/ Main definitions of lot in English : lot1 Lot2 Lot3 Lot3 proper noun (in the Bible) the nephew of Abraham, who was allowed to escape from the destruction of Sodom (Gen. Join forces with, join up with, form an alliance with, ally with, align oneself with, link up with, go into league with, combine with, join fortunes with, make common cause with View synonyms Origin Old English hlot (noun of Germanic origin; related to Dutch lot.

Lots and a lot are similar in meaning to much and many. There is a lot she misses about home, like soap operas, cosy carpets, her favourite clothes shops and quality cottage cheese. He seems not to understand that it is natural for folk to want to see the lot of their children improve from what it was for them.

The president has been all over the lot on this issue lately So the Supreme Court is just all over the lot on this. As material is received, it is lotted into homogeneous groups. The second lot is a collection of 302 photographs, purchased for 2,500, from Emily Shackleton's family album. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words lot noun (chance) draw lots to make a decision by choosing from a set of objects such as pieces of paper or sticks that are all the same except for one: We drew lots to decide who would. Being a girl, my only option was playing with the boys on vacant lots and in the street.

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4in singular A person's luck, situation, or destiny in life.

How to use a lot of in a sentence. Aalto Finnish architect and designer of furniture (1898-1976) alate (of seeds or insects) having winglike extensions aloud using the voice; not silently.

While this was true, free online tournaments the unions never fought to improve the lot of the Islanders. I saw him a few times around the used car lot, you know. Uh lot, see more synonyms on m, can be confuseda lot allot. Either way, give me this lot over a bunch of monosyllabic scowlers any day. Cambridge dictionaries logo, english, contents, contents, contents, contents lot noun (large amount thesaurus: synonyms and related words lot noun (group a lot definition c UK an amount or set of things, especially when there are several of these amounts : I've already done one lot of washing.

A lot - definition of a lot by The Free Dictionary

The more detailed knowledge we can build up, the find a casino near you better our chance of improving the lot choctaw casino rv park durant of this lovely bird. Forty of 46 lots sold, and two new artist auction records were established.

A lot of definition is - a large number or amount of (things, people, etc.). Just remember though: carefully chosen euphemisms can be a whole lot funnier. Some houses have boarded-up windows, and there are vacant lots strewn with litter and overgrown with weeds. In seventh grade we teased each other a lot and finally in eighth grade he asked me out.

ALT angular distance above the horizon. You are assigned a "section" and the whole lot of you have the same schedule for Contracts. Legal judgments have sometimes emphasised the fairness of drawing lots to decide matters of life and death. The pronoun and adverb uses date from the early 19th century.

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