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Irok nabdka tv na jednom mst). So we probably do far more sawing than any of the night strips old makers personally did. A very good example of a cleaned painting revealing a surprising wealth of hitherto veiled detail and colour is The Ambassadors, by Hans Holbein, 1533 (a detail from which showing the famous lute can be seen further down this page). Translations of timbers and other materials used English Franais Deutsch Italiano Espaol apple pommier Apfelholz melo manzano ash frne Esche frassino fresno beech htre Buche faggio haya boxwood buis Buchsbaumholz bosso madera de boj brown oak chne pollard Traubeneiche rovere pollardo roble pollardo cherry cerisier.

He then speaks of soundboard wood: "Thus much for the Choice of your Lutes by the Back-sides. Our friend and colleague Friedemann Hellwig has commented that it was partly from the glory and patronage of the House of Fugger at the time bankers to the Vatican, with representatives and business interests stretching across Europe, from Spain to Hungary that some of the. In pass line odds January 2004, on a freezing afternoon with the landscape covered with snow (and after firing-up on Dampfnudeln mit Vanillesoße echter Bayernküche and heiße Schokolade) we visited Walhalla, the 'temple of honour' founded by Ludwig I of Bavaria in 1842, which overlooks the Danube. The Catalogue pages of this website contain brief descriptions of instruments which we are currently offering, many of which are illustrated with colour images. How would you like to own a 'New Stone Age' (or Neolithic, if you prefer) lute? A recent aspect of this approach was our being asked to examine and verify an important lute by Laux Maler which had appeared in early 2004. Ain alte Lautten von Sigismund Maler. They have been ordered by many distinguished players, including: Sven berg Ariel Abramovich Ron Andrico Mitsuru Ayatani Paul Beier Thomas Binckley Jim Bisgood Gary Boye Julian Bream Bruce Brogdon Elizabeth.D.

Source: How old to enter. And the chainmill came with a rose-cutting attachment, as you can see in the background. We have completely measured and photographed this new discovery, having travelled overseas in late May 2004 to document and measure its body (its soundboard had been removed from its body and sent to London separately, for our opinion and a dendrochronological examination by John Topham. Two 6-course lutes, the model is the Magno dieffopruchar in the Beare night strips collection, London; one in Palmwood (cocos nucifera) the other in figured Purpleheart (peltogyne paniculata).

A six-course lute, its ribs made from highly-figured Afzelia (afzelia africana - sometimes called Doussie it was our first 'Fugger' lute, based on the Magno dieffopruchar model from the Beare collection, London, and is owned by Denys Stephens, of Newlyn, Cornwall. And whilst 'kind of' on the subject of Transylvania: The composite image above shows two views of the same instrument; the nine-rib back of this seven-course lute is made from four slices of Hungarian ash, sawn in sequence and bookmatched, striped with five ribs. After Dürer's passing, Luther wrote: " Concerning Dürer, it seems fitting to us that we should mourn this very pious man, but you may deem him fortunate that Christ has illuminated him and taken him at so good an hour out of these stormy times. However, there is a solution: back in 2015, knowing the ban was imminent, for US customers we began using Santos Rosewood ( machaerium scleroxylon ) also known as Bolivian Rosewood, which is currently not on a cites endangered or banned list; its tonal and physical. Our thanks to Richard Harris for the scanning and composing of all the images used throughout this Website.

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To complete this Maler 'cycle in June 2004 we measured the two instruments in the Lobkowicz Collections, at the Nelahozeves Castle, Czech Republic. This timber is used as four of the back ribs of the famous cittern by Girolamo Virchi (the one with the carving said to represent Lucretia Borgia stabbing herself through the heart) which is in the collection of the Kunsthistorischesmuseum, Vienna. So Mace veers between Air-wood on page 49 and ohio state game score update Ayre usa sports online on page 64 of Musick's Monument and John Evelyn spells it Aier on page 65 of Chapter 11 of Silva.

What was your experience with. Having now obtained a supply of this timber, we will be making further instruments using it, including a 'copy' of the Ambassadors lute now that we are confident that we have finally located the timber so accurately painted by Holbein. At the beginning of the live recording of Bob Marley and The Wailers playing at the Lyceum Ballroom, London, on Friday July 18th, 1975 A Friday I'll always remember I was there" Stephen) the announcer a noted London Dread seems to be telling the audience. In his 1925 biography of Albrecht Dürer (14711528) Wilhelm Waetzoldt speculates that the great Nuremberg artist may have had a hand in the design of the Fuggerei.

An iron or steel container for the glue will simply darken it, producing unsightly and unwanted dark glue lines, as well as discolouring the surrounding water in the saucepan. Hungarian ash was obviously always a highly-prized and precious wood: there is a whole room in the old Rathaus, Regensburg, dating from the fifteenth Century, which is panelled with it, and it is known that it took the original craftsmen twenty years to find enough.

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Mace's observations here about timber are very interesting, although his references to Air-wood and Cullin-cliff both contemporary phrases which mean little to modern ears deserve explanation: Air-wood is a reference to maple the wood dransfield fruit machines from which a large number of old lutes were made. Of course, since the art of lutemaking pre-dated that of violin-making, the original 'violin' varnishes were actually adopted from existing varnishes used by lutemakers. By contrast, the medullary rays of platanus orientalis are smaller and more delicate.

44 (9 songs) 007, Los (1 the m hotel las vegas song) 009 Sound System (2 songs) A (6 songs) a balladeer (3 songs) A Brand (1 song) A Broken Silence (1 song) A Day Away (1 song) A Different Breed of Killer (1 song). He used a section of its laminated mahogany propellor, mounted with copper from its fuel tank in the ashtray's design, and stuck metal to wood with isinglass-based glue.

PVA-based and aliphatic resin glues and other modern 'woodworking' adhesives never completely set hard, consequently their use means that a 'shock-absorber' is being effectively placed throughout the instrument, which of course can only deaden and compromise the sound no 'ifs' and no 'buts'. It was presumably one of the instruments made during Rauwolf's time at Kirchberg-Weißenhorn (one of the Fugger estates, south and east of Ulm its inset rose (shown above carved from limewood) is very interesting, since carved around its border is this dedication: hern jacob fuger. Above: a silverpoint portrait of Raymund Fugger by Hans Holbein, drawn around 1510. It contains several intriguing entries, including the following, wherein the lutes are listed according to the materials their backs are made from:.

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The next instrument (also an 8-course lute) we made using this timber went las vegas outlet mall premium to Mark Maier, of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, las vegas outlet mall premium USA, in October 2006. Please let us know your stringing preferences at the point of ordering.

Our website was launched nearly 20 years ago, in May 1998, when it originally consisted of just a Gallery page and a For Sale page. Two more 6-course 'Fugger' lutes, the model again the Magno dieffopruchar in the Beare collection, London; one in prettily-striped Servicewood (sorbus torminalis) the other in Pink Ivorywood (berchemia zeyheri). It's interesting to compare the two images: the one on the right was taken after the lute had been assembled and finished, with the varnishing of its back being completed.

Bernd works in Mainz, Germany. The London V A instrument and the other Lobkowicz example are similar in geometry (although the V A instrument is the largest of them all) and they both have 11-rib backs, and are both made of lightly-figured maple. It makes a nice sister to the larger lute, we'll post images of them both here as soon as we can when we can prise the smaller one away from Anna for 5 minutes!

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Interestingly, many of the las vegas outlet mall premium old makers were involved in the making and supplying of rosettes and other parts of instruments, as this reference to the activities of Giorgio Sellas (from a document dated February 19th, 1637) makes clear: "In the presence of this notary and.

Diamond Purchasing is part of the LSG Purchasing group, The UK s leading buying consortia for independent pubs. We also charge more for black ebony when used for the back of an instrument because of the extra work and health hazards involved in working it (600 pounds for ebony ribs on a Voboam model baroque guitar, for example). We've (mis)heard a few of these over the years ourselves moreover, some which seem to have involved historical plucked stringed instruments, causing great hilarity in the workshop when we're playing music on our CD player or iPod: starting with Traffic's eponymous 2nd album from 1968.

In all descriptions of available models throughout the Catalogue pages of this website, 'rosewood' should be taken to mean Santos Rosewood, machaerium scleroxylon. Galpin is however correct about his explanation of Cullin-cliff as being a contemporary English corruption of Cologne-cleft. None of these tropical timbers have been obtained in breach of any.I.T.E.S. Above: untitled motet by is it a lot Petrus van den Hove, in the collection of the Austrian Nationalbibliothek, Vienna, Mus.

Diamond Purchasing is a free service for qualifying LSG Purchasing members offering deals and discounts on premium products from top quality suppliers. Not running a 'continuous' list also of course allows us the flexibility to produce new models and prototypes, to travel for research and exhibition purposes, and to build instruments which are ready for immediate purchase: Instruments available for sale now We always have a selection. We regularly act as advisors and consultants to other luthiers, and Stephen has taught and trained many of the makers working today in Europe and the Americas through his earlier teaching work, including some who have themselves been teaching others (including, for example, Martin Haycock. We use organic Phlogiston in our own varnish, ground using an apparatus similar to the one on the right in the image above.

Comparing the appearance of the grain of the raw wood when lit from within by a strong light, with its finished, varnished surface (the one which would normally be seen) is, we think, a fascinating exercise. The 6-course lute depicted so clearly and accurately in Holbien's paiting The Ambassadors is fitted with double frets. Now for the second leg of its long journey, to Buenos Aires.

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